Child Find

FDLRS Child Find, in coordination with the school districts, locates children who are potentially eligible for services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and links them with needed services.

Child Find services help to promote general public awareness of programs and services available for young children who have or are at risk of developing disabilities. Service coordination for diagnostic screening, placement, training, and support is also provided.

For more information on Child Find services in your area, contact your local FDLRS Associate Center. Select your school district under the Find A Center menu on the left side of the screen or by selecting the name of your FDLRS Associate Center in the Local Service menu.


Child Find Informational Video: Video


Child Find Resource for Parents:  The Road Through Child Find


Sampling of Services offered by Child Find:

Child Find Awareness/Outreach
Child Find Service Coordination
CHRIS Database
Developmentally Appropriate Practices
Early Childhood Developmental Screenings, Coordination, and Resources
Early Childhood Development
Early Learning Coalitions
Interagency Collaboration
Part C to B Transition Facilitation, Resources, Professional Development, Technical Assistance
Pre-K ESE Coordination and Meeting/Support
Support BDI Implementation
Technical Assistance


FDLRS Administration Contact:

Tracy Umpenhour
FDLRS Administration Project
Phone: (386) 312-2265 
E-mail: umpenhourt@nefec.org
Website: http://www.fdlrs.org 
Statewide Contact:

Mary Ann Ahearn
Program Administrator
FDLRS Administration Project
Phone: (386) 312-2265 
E-mail:  ahearnm@nefec.org 
Website: http://www.fdlrs.org 

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