FDLRS is a discretionary project of the Florida Department of Education Bureau of Exceptional Education and Student Services. We provide information, training, and support to families in order to promote effective parent participation in the education of children who are exceptional and/or have special needs. Services include assistance in the development of family-friendly programs, training and support for services for children with disabilities, and the support of partnerships between schools and parents to support student achievement.

Do you need inservice points?

FDLRS provides a variety of ways to earn inservice points. We offer face-to-face professional development opportunities through our Associate Centers throughout Florida. Contact your local FDLRS Center for a schedule of workshops in your area by locating your district on our Find A Center page.

BEESS Portal to Professional Development Alternatives

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Online professional learning is available through our Professional Development Alternatives (PDA) Courses. These courses are available statewide and are free to all Florida educators. Our modules are designed to assist educators with various instructional and behavioral needs to maximize achievement for all students. Each module contains high quality, up-to-date content and engaging, online activities. If you would like additional details about PDA, please view our Frequently Asked Questions.

Facilitated Modules

Our facilitated modules provide educators with a self-paced study of module content while applying their learning to classroom-related learning activities and assessment tasks, and ongoing collaboration with colleagues and expert facilitators. 

Our FDLRS Centers provide local offerings. Contact your local PDA Coordinator for assistance with module availability and/or registering for a PDA facilitated module.

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Independent Study Modules

Our independent study modules feature self-paced learning, content-related assessments, and follow-up activities. 

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If you are interested in taking an independent study module, go to the PDA home page and then click on Register/Sign-in to create an account, then enroll.

Inservice points for professional development are awarded by the school districts through their Master Inservice Plan (MIP). Individuals not employed by a Florida school district/organization with an approved MIP, should verify that a local school district/organization is willing to award your inservice points. If they are not able to assist, you must use college credit to renew your certificate.

Many of the PDA modules support the recertification requirement of 20 hours in teaching students with disabilities (Renewal Credit in Teaching Students with Disabilities 1012.585, F.S.), however, each school district or private school agency determines which modules satisfy the content requirement for their employees. FDLRS reports inservice credits to school districts and private school agencies through their approved Master Inservice Plan (MIP) or its equivalent. It is the responsibility of educators who are not employed to ensure, prior to registration, which district or agency will submit their inservice credits to FLDOE. 

Strategic Instruction Model (SIM)

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The University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning developed the Strategic Instruction Model (SIM).  For over thirty years, they have conducted research designed to develop ways to help students meet the demands of life, not just in school but after they leave school as well. Their overriding goal has been to develop an integrated model to address many of the needs of diverse learners. Out of this effort, the Strategic Instruction Model, or SIM, has evolved. In essence, SIM is about promoting effective teaching and learning of critical content in schools. SIM strives to help teachers make decisions about what is of greatest importance, what we can teach students to help them to learn, and how to teach them well. There are two components in SIM: Learning Strategies and Content Enhancement Routines. Learn more about SIM and the two components on the SIM page.

Florida's State Personnel Development Grant (SPDG)

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This project provides technical assistance and professional development to targeted school districts across Florida. Participating Middle and High Schools receive the information, materials, and coaching necessary to implement Content Enhancement Routines and Learning Strategies based on the identified needs of their students. Each school develops a plan to maintain the efforts after the SPDG funding has ended. Learn more about SPDG on their page.

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