HRD Workgroups

FDLRS HRD Workgroups

Karen Geisel and Sara Gaines are the FDLRS Administration Contact.
Workgroup Action Plans can be accessed in our Google Drive.


  Differentiated Instruction Reading and Writing (Karen Geisel) Leader:  Melissa Bisesi
Co-leader:  Jackie Dwyer

  Differentiated Instruction Math and Science (Karen Geisel) Leader:  Tammy Kunze
Co-leader:  Caroline Redding

  ESE Policies and Procedures (Karen Geisel) Leader:  Anne Fouda
Co-leader:  Patty Adams

  Secondary Transition (Sara Gaines) Leader:  Rusty Holmes
Co-leader:  Patty Fernandez-Laza

  Students with Signficant Cognitive Disabilities (Sara Gaines) Leader:  Bennett Buckles
Co-leader:  Rhonda Bachman

  Classroom/Behavior Management (Sara Gaines) Leader:  Robin Williams

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