Reading and Math Professional Learning for Educators

Picture of a Chalkboard with A,B,C and 1,2,3 Promoting the FDLRS Reading and Writing Professional Learning Opportunities

Are you interested in professional learning opportunities in Reading and Math?

FDLRS offers both virtual and in-person learning opportunities through your local FDLRS Associate Center/school district. The following offers a sampling of the opportunities that may be offered to satisfy a variety of professional learning needs:

Making Reading Instruction ExplicitIn-person
Differentiating Reading InstructionVirtual and In-person
Coming Soon:  Exploring Structured LiteracyVirtual and In-person
Differentiating Mathematics InstructionVirtual and In-person
Building Math ProficiencyIn-person
Differentiating InstructionVirtual and In-person
Instructional PracticesVirtual
Universal Design for LearningVirtual and In-person
Strategic Instruction Model (SIM): Content EnhancementIn-person
Strategic Instruction Model (SIM): Learning StrategiesIn-person

For more information on virtual or in-person professional learning opportunities contact your local FDLRS Associate Center.


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