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Virtual Full Facilitated Individual Education Plan (FIEP) Training for Educators

The Bureau for Exceptional Student Education (BESE) is excited to collaborate with FDLRS to bring Florida educators the opportunity for training in the FIEP Process.  Facilitated IEP meetings are a process through which trained individuals establish a common agenda and keep the meeting focused and moving forward.  Through the FIEP training, individuals who represent the district are given the tools to run and facilitate successful meetings.

Summer professional development has been coordinated for this worthwhile process.  Please register today.  Sessions have a 35 participant maximum capacity.

For additional questions, please contact Mary Ann Ahearn or 386-312-2265.

BESE Portal to Professional Development Alternatives (PDA)

FDLRS provides a variety of ways to earn inservice points. Free online professional development is available statewide through the BESE Portal to PDA.  Facilitated Courses follow a posted schedule.  Independent Study Courses are available year round .