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ESE Tuition Support for Educators

Florida Department of Education, Bureau of Exceptional Student Education

The ESE Endorsement Tuition Support Program provides financial assistance to ESE teachers who are teaching students identified as having ASD or PreK/ESE in Florida public schools.  The ESE Endorsement Tuition Support Program provides up to $1000 tuition support for each course that leads to the desired endorsement.  Support for textbooks, student fees, or any tuition that exceeds $1000 per course is not provided.  Additionally, there is no retroactive reimbursement for this program.  Your tuition support starts the semester you are accepted.

In order to be accepted into this program, the applicant must:

  • have a Florida Educator Certificate in Exceptional Student Education, 
  • be currently employed in a Florida public school, and;
  • teach students identified as ASD or PreK/ESE. 

Upon completion of coursework, program recipients must agree to:

  • teach students identified as ASD or PreK/ESE in a Florida public school for a minimum of one year for every six hours of tuition support received, and;
  • add the appropriate endorsement to their professional certificate. 

For more information or an application, contact Melanie Morales, Project Director, by email at esesupport@fiu.edu