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FDLRS is a discretionary project of the Florida Department of Education Bureau of Exceptional Student Education. We provide information, training, and support to families in order to promote effective parent participation in the education of children who are exceptional and/or have special needs. Services include assistance in the development of family-friendly programs, training and support for services for children with disabilities, and the support of partnerships between schools and parents to support student achievement.

Are you interested in having your child screened?

We have FDLRS Child Find Specialists located in 19 centers around Florida ready to help. To find the phone number for the Specialists in your area, please visit our Child Find page.

Child Find, finds that special child

Child Find assists parents and schools in the early identification of children who are at risk of developing special or unique needs and who are not being served in a public school. Child Find's target age is birth through 21 years, but primary emphasis is placed on children birth to 5 years of age.

Child Find also provides information about community programs and professional consultation for parents and providers. Awareness and outreach activities ensure that the public receives ongoing, consistent information about Child Find and how to access services for children with special needs and/or other early intervention services. Information is provided on an individual basis or through community presentations and events.

Are you a parent of a child who is exceptional and/or has special needs?

Are you looking for more information on what services may be available? We have FDLRS Parent Services Specialists located in 19 centers around Florida ready to help. To find the phone number of the Specialist in your area, please visit our Parent Services page.

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